Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ Morning Meetings

I'm linking up for the first time with Second Grade Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday. 

 For years I've wanted to start the day with a Morning Meeting, but our schedule never allowed for it, until this year. I snagged this great book, but my question to you is...

What are some great greetings and activities I just have to include in our Morning Meetings?


  1. I hope you decide to post about what you end up doing, because I would love this. I don't currently use them, but probably should. I often have to take 5-10 minutes out of lesson to have a class meeting to address issues occurring at special area or at lunch. I teach 4th grade, so there is always "drama" starting between the girls (usually about a boy haha). I wish I had a time every morning to bring us together as a family, talk about any issues that could be disrupting our "family" and how we can fix them. Plus, my students ALWAYS come in sleepy - this could be a great way to wake them up and get them talking in the morning. I work a very tough school, so I think it would help set the school day off in a more positive way :)

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

  2. I love morning meetings! I do several things: have everyone shake hands with everyone, we will start with the song/video of by Will.I.Am "What I Am," I teach the kids how to say good morning in different languages.

  3. Katie, as I was researching what I was going to do this year I read of several teachers who did a midmorning meeting. I could have totally fit that in my previous schedule had I known! I'll keep you posted on how things progress with our meetings.

    Maestra2Teacher this week we've started off with high fives, hand shakes, and today I threw in the option of giving hugs too. They've all been greeting each other with Buenos Dias! It's a lot of fun! I'd forgotten about the What I Am song, I used to play it daily and I'll have to remember to include it. Thanks!


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