Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Reading

I've always enjoyed reading about other master teachers and taking from them little nuggets of wisdom and ideas to put into my own classroom. One of the first teacher authors to give me that spark Rafe Esquith when I read his book "Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire". Rafe is certainly an enigma. Immediately after reading his book I started a classroom economy system in my class, and I haven't had a year without it. Every year it takes on a new form, I tweak and improve it.

When I read about these superhero teachers I remind myself to push aside the feelings of failure and inadequacy; I may be unable to done the cape and I certainly can't pull off the-underwear-on-the-outside of my clothes look, but I can start by adding some tools to my utility belt.

Lately there has been an influx of amazing teacher authors publishing books on their craft and making waves in education. So, I was determined to tackle the growing list of books I wanted to read. I had been putting off signing up for a free trial of Amazon's Kindle Unlimited just so I could spend my summer reading. This service normally costs about $10 a month and you can read as many of the books available through their service as you want. Perfect.

These are the four I devoured:

Since I failed at joining in any book studies on time I will make a few posts over the next few days giving a few of my thoughts on each.


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