Saturday, August 2, 2014

Choose an Operation Math Key Word Sort

You know when you are in a staff meeting and someone starts talking about something as if everyone is supposed to know about it and be implementing it? No? It's only me?! I can't be the only one!

Well, last year there was talk about using Data Wise to pick a target area as a school and to implement strategies school-wide to bring up student achievement. We did a great job of narrowing down the problem of practice and writing a great goal, but nothing really went from there. This year we had some awesomesauce staff who beefed up our plan and set it into motion. Our goal was to target problem solving and implement strategies that would be the same across grade levels. Our fabulous Angie from Fall Into First created a super poster for each teacher to hang.

The first strategy we are using is "choose and operation". As I was hanging the poster and thinking about a math bulletin board I was digging out my math operation posters that I had made when I first started teaching. They were cut-outs of each symbol (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and had the key words for each written on them (they were so sadly faded that they have been retired). Well, it dawned on me that hanging the posters would be meaningless if the kids had no particiation in their creation and I realized a word sort would be PERFECT for an opening activity.

Well, today was our first day of math groups and I had this baby ready to go. It took the students a few minutes to work as a team to cut out all 48 key words, and then it took about 20 minutes for them to collaborate and sort. I was amazed at the language that students used to explain their reasoning for why a key word went with a certain operation. I think we're going to rock the "choose an operation" strategy!

Here are some action shots (which I took late in the game because I was listening in to their super discussions).

We put the key words in envelopes so that we can play again later as we review the operations. Students could easily glue these on to keep as review sheets, or it could even be their assessment. Interested in playing this with your kiddos? It's in the shop!

I've included an answer key (this was super helpful to display and have students check their work) and colorful posters.

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  1. That key word sort is really cool! I can only imagine the discussions the students were having!


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