Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It

Monday Made It #1...I made it through the first day of school! Yup, today was the day! I spent the day with 24 newly minted 5th graders! We had a blast, and each year the first day gets easier, but man, the exhaustion of day one must be mandatory!

Ok...on to the real "made its"...

Last week my super duper little sis treated me to a night of Party with Paint, and we did a version of "Starry Night". It was a lot of fun and I love how this piece came out! If you are in Arizona, I highly recommend Party with Paint, I've been previously, and will be going again soon!

Speaking of awesome little sisters, mine also gave me a set of Nubar Nail Polish. It's non-toxic, vegan, all that good stuff. It was perfect timing because I had recently received some Jamberry samplers from the awesome Tamara of Pretty Nail Wraps. I'm trying out my first Jamberry and they were super easy to apply, but I don't think I did it right because the tips are already starting to peel. Any tips from Jamberry experts?

Made It number 3 is school related! The amazing Diane from Fifth in the Middle was kind enough to give me some great ideas and tips for using brag tags in the classroom. I know she has posted about them before, but it finally clicked that I needed to try these out. I bought her template and have started to build my stash of brag tags. I'm excited to introduce them tomorrow to my new 5th graders!

Each kiddo will start with one that has their name on it. I love the chalkboard background and the KG Melonheadz font! 

Each kid will hang them on a hook next to their writing display folders. I found some push pin hooks that are PREFECT for this!

The computer did not seem to want to print all of the ones I had made. I was able to get my birthday and "tidy table" ones printed, laminated and cut. 

I've also got some Class Dojo ones to print! 

Everything is going to store neatly in this craft organizer that was only $2.99 (plus an additional % off with a coupon!). I also now have a lifetime supply of ball chains (100 for $22!).

Do you use brag tags in your classroom? Throw your ideas, tips, products, etc. at me! And thanks again to Diane for your help with getting me started :D


  1. I love using brag tags but I never thought of making my own before. Now you've got me hooked! Also is there any way you can post a pic of what your writing display folder and brag tag hook look like as a display in your classroom? And I can't believe you started school. Here's wishing you an AWESOME year!!

  2. How did you create your writing display folders?
    Where did you get the push pin hooks?

  3. Thanks Lori! I can't believe it either! It seems like we start earlier and earlier every year! I'll definitely snap a photo of our wall later this week!

  4. Shayla, I use pocket notebook dividers and just cut the tabs off. I got the pinhooks from Amazon

  5. Where did you find the pinhooks?.... I have never seen them, they look cool....

    Roxygirl Teacher @ Rockstar Math Teacher

  6. Amazon has the pinhooks (about $11 for 40). I tired looking for them in a few stores with no luck.

  7. Love brag tags and so do my kids! And I'm heading to Amazon to get pinhooks right now. Did you get your ball chain there too?

  8. Erika, I did get the chains on Amazon as well. I think they were about $20 for 100.

  9. Well, that explains why I've been selling templates these past few days LOL! Thanks for the shout out! I love to see your creations :)

  10. That's too funny Diane! I owed you a shout out ;)

  11. Where did you find your class dojo tags? I so need a copy of those!

  12. I made the Class Dojo tags! You can download the images from Class Dojo and I just pasted them into the template from Fifth in the Middle. So easy!

  13. Where did you get the storage box?

    1. I think I bought it at Michael's craft store.


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