Saturday, March 30, 2013

FREEBIE! Wonderopolis Trifold Activity Sheet!

Followers are Fabulous FREEBIE! I wanted to thank all the followers I have on TeachersPayTeachers, Blogger, Facebook, and Pinterest! You all rock and I wanted to include a freebie that I hope most of you will be able to use!

Have you heard of the site Wonderopolis? I LOVE it, and so do my students. There are currently over 900 "Wonder of the Day" articles posted, and more added everyday. They cover a variety of subjects and are interesting and engaging for students. To help guide students along, and hold them accountable, I've created a Wonderopolis Trifold Activity Sheet.

Just print this FREEBIE back to front, have students fold on the dotted lines, and then they can go to and get started! You can give students the freedom to choose their own "Wonder of the Day" but I prefer to narrow it down by having them choose a specific subject or by assigning a specific wonder that relates to what we are currently learning.

All students need to do is follow the numbers on the trifold to complete pre-reading, vocabulary, and post-reading activities.

Follow the links to download the Wonderopolis Trifold Activity Sheet!

One of the favorite "wonders" in my class has been #435, Do Potatoes See With Their Eyes?  At the bottom of the wonderopolis page there are links to their long list of categories, this quarter I will be pulling from the Space category to enhance our science unit. I'd love to hear which "wonders" your students like best! 


  1. What an awesome resource!! Thank you for sharing and for the freebie!

    Crofts' Classroom

  2. I just posted about using Wonderopolis with my first graders! When I first saw it, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for my little ones, but they love it! I have it projected on my Smartboard when they enter the classroom, and I love listening in on their "wonderings" while they unpack and get ready for the day.
    Still Teaching After All These Years


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