Monday, April 1, 2013

Science Performance Assessment

Performance assessments are the ideal way to assess students. Unfortunately it isn't always practical. I know I don't do nearly enough performance assessments, but science is the perfect for this!

I think I've already mentioned before that this quarter is my favorite because we get to learn about the American Revolution in social studies and Space in science. Last week I demonstrated the Earth's rotation, revolution, axis, and explained day/night and the year. We also went over the moon's revolution around the Earth (we'll get into the phases more soon).

Today we reviewed and each group got a beach ball and ping pong ball to practice with.  These photos are intentionally blurry because they are ACTION shots!

This student was demonstrating the rotation of the Earth on it's axis. 

This student is acting as the sun with the Earth revolving around him!

Tomorrow I'll be pulling each student aside to assess them as they demonstrate each of the concepts we practiced. My rubric is pretty basic. I may spiffy it up for TpT, but regardless it'll be a freebie. So, if you want it now, here is the Google Drive linky

Do you use performance assessments in your classroom? Please share, I need more ideas! 


  1. This is great and I will be sure to add it to my Space unit too! Just the perfect timing! Hope you were able to use the Phases of the Moon flip book I am so glad you stopped by and left me a comment!

  2. I'm LOVING this activity on Earth Science - will be adding it to my repertoire! (hopefully I spelled that right!?!) I just found you on the AZ blogger linky & had to follow you as a fellow Arizona upper-grade gal!
    Antonia @ forkin4th

  3. Hello Antonia! I was checking out your {awesome} blog and saw that you are at degree of sister taught at Frank too!


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