Saturday, March 9, 2013

Share a Healthy Snack Week SUCCESS!

In my last post I explained how I was using the site SignUp Genius to allow parents to sign up for our Share a Healthy Snack Week, and I have to say, the week was a huge success! I had about 3-4 students bring fruit everyday last week and our counter looked like a bountiful harvest.

{tangelos, apples, bananas, & cuties}

There was enough fruit for students to have two or three pieces on some days, and it was devoured. On Friday a student even brought some cashews and shelled sunflower seeds which were also a bit hit! They begged for more and many students, without any comment or prompting from me, asked that we continue to do this for the rest of the school year. Even my math kids wanted some when they came in my room. It was great to see them enjoying something fresh other than chips/hot cheetos/cookies/processed foods. 

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