Sunday, August 12, 2012

My new friend

I've known about wheeled crates forever, but resisted the urge to purchase one. I think I had the mentality that buying one would mean I was weak (or that I was taking too much work home with me). But lugging heavy bags that threaten to break was not working for me. So I caved and picked up this fella today. Just rolling him through the store made me realize that I should have bought one years ago. How many of you use one of these guys?


  1. You are going to love your wheeled crate! You can even pile on top of the neat pile...and then you can actually put a bag around the handle! That baby can lug in quite a bit!.....and yes, I thought it was a sign of weakness.....but if you have a great deal of things to bring in it beats going to the car a zillion times! Worth the money too! Enjoy!


    Teise's Tidbits

  2. Thanks Debbie! I didn't even think about it reducing the number of trips to the car (although I usually pile things up in my arms nearing the point of it all tumbling to the ground so I only have to make one trip). It's also a million degrees here, so I'm sure I'll be much more comfortable wheeling this baby around!

  3. I was given one from our county as I'm the head of the science department at our middle school. I wish I'd gotten one earlier. Lugging home heavy totes can take a toll on your upper back muscles especially if you favor one arm over another. Love my little cart! I wore out the first one and hubby bought me a heavy duty one at Staples. Very nice!


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