Sunday, August 5, 2012

I {heart} Dollar Tree

I'm sure most teachers have already discovered Dollar Tree and its great teacher section, plus all the other great things to use in the classroom. Before school started I found this popcorn poster with popcorn pieces for $1. Remember, I am not a teacher who makes really crafty bulletin boards (I prefer simple but still effective) so this was not only cheap, but it was an easy way to spruce up my writing folders. There was only one left at the Dollar Tree I was at and it only came with 25 popcorn pieces, so I threw some on the scanner and printed out more.

The colorful folders I have been using forever. I just bought a few packs of the binder dividers that have pockets, cut off the little tabs, and stapled them up. Students have a great way to display writing and I have them leave previous writing in so that at the end of the year it's also a writing portfolio. Plus it's super easy for me because I don't have to do any work to update the bulletin board.


  1. This is such a great idea! I love how you use the binder dividers so that kids can easily update their submissions on their own. Plus it seems like a wonderful way to collect "best work" and show progress over the course of a year. Thanks for sharing! I am loving your ideas. (Incidentally, covering your tables with contact paper has inspired my teaching partner and I to cover our eye-sore 70's cabinets in our classroom!)

  2. I love Dollar Tree too! I wish there was one remotely close to where I live. Oh well, it makes me appreciate it more when I can get there. LOVE your bulletin board!

  3. Thanks! Ann and Celina - did you post photos of your cabinets? I'd love to see the transformation!


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