Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinterest top 10 for next school year

Pinterest is an explosion of wonderful ideas, and at times can be overwhelming. I decided to wade through my "For School" board and pick the top 10 ideas I want to implement in my classroom next year.

1. Interactive Student Notebooks - I wish I had found these sooner!

2. T-Shirt Book Project

3. Magnetic Boggle - What a fun easy game that is already differentiated!

4. Easy Dry Erase Markers with Erasers - I have dry erase markers, I have pom poms, I have a glue gun.

5. Adjectives Frame - not only would students be practicing adjectives, they would be building confidence in themselves! Plus the photos would be great on our end-of-year slide show.

6. Personalized Class Stationery - We write letters throughout the year and I know the kids would get excited about writing on their unique class stationery. Plus, I'd get to use them too!

7. Roll a Brain Break - I always forget the different Brain Gym exercises and get stuck doing the same few. This is easily posted on the wall/board and has tons of variety. Plus, it's FREE!

8. Cell Phone Pals - I'm always looking for fun ways to buddy up my kiddos.

9. Organization! I'm not an expert at it, but I get better every year. My file cabinet is not backed up to a wall this year so I'll be hanging those file pockets up this year.

10. Classbook - The Social Networking Bulletin Board!

There are so many more pins that I want (and will!) use in my classroom this year, but these are on my MUST DO list. What are your favorite pins?

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  1. I love these ideas. I too live in Arizona. Acctually I live in Chandler. I use to work for Chandler Unified at Bologna as a para in special needs. I am attending NAU at CGCC campus to finish my elementary education degree. What school do you work at?

  2. Hello fellow CUSDer, I teach at Weinberg! Way to go on getting your degree in elementary ed!

  3. Great top ten list!! I love them all!!

  4. AHH!! Wonderful list.. I see myself doing ALL TEN! Why not?? I will definitely be following you now, I'm moving from 1st to 5th grade next year and need all the help I can get :)

  5. Hi Jacki! Wow, 1st to 5th is quite a jump, but I'm sure you will love it! Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

  6. Great idea list! Thanks! I think I will be getting some pom poms now for our dry erase markers!!!

  7. Ms. W I'm glad I found you. Thanks or posting top 10. I also found interactive journals to be my favorite idea for next year. But who's the genius that thought of pompoms for erasers?? Fabulous!
    2nd yr teacher. 5th grade. Glendale AZ

  8. Great Ideas! Thanks for posting these. Love the tee shirt idea!


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