Friday, June 22, 2012

Math freak out!

I know that I should be spending my short six-week summer break relaxing, but I am in school mode. Not only am I moving down from 6th to 5th grade next year, but I will be teaching math, something I haven't taught in years! I love math and I am so excited to be teaching it again, but my mind needs to have, at the least, an outline of what I will be teaching and in what order. The Common Core State Standards are a good thing, but our state and my district are in a transition period, meaning we need to still teach the old standards but start to incorporate CCSS. A friend, who also teaches 5th in my district, reassured me that I should not freak out. Plus I know my new team will be nothing but supportive. So, I still plan on getting prepared for next year, but I will re-direct my focus to things that won't cause anxiety, like the following...

I love guiding students to be responsible and accountable for their own learning. I made these Math and ELA posters to post in my classroom (available for purchase at my TpT store).

To accompany these posters I thought it would be great for students to have something to keep in their binder to track the concepts that they have mastered, so I devised the Wheel of Math Common Core Standards. 

This fun wheel of standards includes all 26 Common Core math standards for 5th grade. Display the colorful copy in your classroom and provide each student a copy of the blackline master to keep in their math notebook. When students have mastered a concept have them color in the appropriate piece of the wheel. This will help encourage kids to be accountable for their own learning and keep them motivated to master every concept! Best of all, these are FREE!

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