Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Post Freebie

I have decided to spend my summer updating the many resources I have created for use in my classroom so that I can share them with other teachers. I have found so many great ideas from other teacher bloggers and Pinterest pins that I'd like to contribute too! 

Please follow my store and blog as I add more throughout the summer and into the new school year. Here is a freebie to kick things off. 

100 Acts of Kindness Tickets
As a part of character education I like to have a "100 Acts of Kindness" bulletin board. I challenge the class to perform 100 acts of kindness in just one month. To recognize an act of kindness a student must be "caught" by a classmate or the teacher. When someone is caught doing a kind act the witness writes up a kindness ticket. Part of the ticket is turned into the teacher to go on the bulletin board, the other part is given to the kind person in recognition of their act. 

This activity promotes classroom community and encourages students to be kind to those around them. They get to "tattle" on each other for their good actions. 
Print out a bunch, leave them in a convenient spot, and be amazed with an explosion of kind acts!

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