Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End-of-the-year Awards

I know many teachers give fun awards to all of their students at the end of the year, and I know mine aren't very novel, but I have been giving these awards since my first year of teaching. I was inspired by my 7th/8th grade journalism teacher who gave us these, and I'm sure if I dug through some boxes of old stuff I bet I could find mine too! They are really simple, just use the diecut machine on cardstock for the  ribbon shape and then glitter glue around it. I put a pin on the back so they can wear them on the last day of school. I try to make the awards fun and meaningful to each student and I have the class guess who the award goes to when I hand them out. Most of the time they know right away! Some might be a bit more difficult. The student who got the Pen Pal award was shy and didn't speak much. But she when she needed to talk to me about something important she would discretely leave a note on my desk and I would leave her a note in return.

I have had several former students say that they still have their awards. This year I had the sister of a former student and she said he has his hanging up on his wall at home. <3

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