Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Day/Week

Teacher appreciation week starts to bring up the bittersweet feelings that come with the end of another school year. I have had a great set of students this year, talkative, but sweet and fun. I did briefly discuss with the principal the possibility of looping up with them next year, but it wasn't in the cards. I'm not ready to send them off yet! Luckily I still have 17 school days to enjoy with them. It will be a sad good-bye, but I'm also excited about finishing the year strong and I'm excited about the big trip that we'll be taking! 

We have been so lucky at our school to have an amazing PTO who completely SPOIL us! This week we are being provided lunch EVERY DAY! It's so nice not to have to worry about packing lunches each day and it's less grocery shopping that needed to be done. My lunch bag is hidden away and my appetite is ready! And as an added bonus, the PTO always remembers a delicious vegetarian option for me!

I wish I could share these lunches with my bloggy teacher friends, but I'll have to resort to offering a sale in my little shop. Stop by on May 7-8 for 20% off (plus an additional 10% with code TAD13) everything in the shop! Loads of TpT sellers are participating in the sale, so it is a great time to get all the goodies you've been eyeing! 

Need some ideas on what to buy from my shop? 

My Off Limits game is a blast (my class loves it!) and it is a great way for students to work on description, synonyms/antonyms, etc. Perfect for the end of the year!

Stocking up for next year? Planning on starting/improving data tracking like I am? Try one of my Wheel of Common Core Math sets. A great tool for students to show off their master of all CCSS math concepts. I've got them for K-8, and 5th grade is free

There are some other goodies in my shop, including my best sellers: Calendar Math for Upper Grades, American Revolution Lapbook, and Read and Respond Booklet

I'd love to know what you are loading your carts up with! I haven't even had a chance to start loading up mine, so please share!

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