Wednesday, May 1, 2013

States and Capitols

Have you every assigned something to your students that you yourself did not know? It's been challenging switching my mind from 6th grade subjects to 5th grade this year. One of the expectations is that students know all of the states and their capitols. I'm embarrassed to say that, up until just now, I had forgotten about a dozen capitols. But good old sporcle helped me re-learn the ones I had forgotten. That, and this wonderful song that my class is IN LOVE with.

We've been listening to it a couple of times a day and I KNOW that they are watching it at home because they are blowing me away with how quickly they are memorizing it! I wish this catchy tune was around when I was a kid. And please don't tell anyone that I've had this on repeat in may car this evening. I want to be able to sing it too!

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