Monday, October 22, 2012

A Note from Your Teacher

Do you send positive notes home to your students' families? I try to send a little postcard twice a year to my students' parents. It is a great way to recognize their good qualities and it makes them and their parents so proud. I have a drawer full of postcards and a little check sheet next to my desk to help me keep track of who I have sent notes home to. In the past I have even pre-addressed the cards with Avery labels so that they were ready to go. Plus, it's just great to get mail these days!

These are the freshly written postcards that are ready to be posted tomorrow!

I love that our new principal also asks that each teacher send a couple of names to him each quarter to call home. My two students that received calls were ecstatic, and one of the moms even posted her pride on Facebook.

What creative ways do you recognize your students?

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  1. You are so fabulous! I need to start doing this again. Thank you for this post!


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