Friday, July 6, 2012

Room 37

When school got out I packed up my old room, cleaned it out, and then started to move into my new room. I had to also clean out the new room as the previous teacher had left a lot of things that I wouldn't be needing. I spent a few days after school was out trying to get some order established and then left the rest for the custodians to do their awesome cleaning work. I stopped by today to drop a few things off and snapped a few shots of its current status. I go back to work in just over a week! I'll probably be heading in next Friday to start setting up. I'm so excited about this classroom. The old classroom was very awkwardly set up and this building has rooms that seem more spacious and creative. 


  1. Your classroom looks huge! I'm jealous. I'm a new follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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  2. Megan, the photos are most definitely misleading, it's a pretty small room.

    Heading over to check out your giveaway!

  3. I'm also moving into a new room and building this year. It's excited but there is SO much work to do! I'm grateful we don't start for over a month. It looks like you have great storage space!

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