Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Class Dojo - GROUPS!

I am so excited that ClassDojo has just launched one of the most anticipated updates...groups! So many Dojo teachers have begged for this feature and it's out...now...today! And perfect timing for me because we just started school yesterday (it was a great first day, thanks for asking).

I haven't introduced ClassDojo to my new class yet, although some had it a bit with their fourth grade teachers. The group feature is definitely a game changer and it's so easy to use.  There are now two buttons at the top: students and groups. Just click the group button and add your groups in. You can use group names or numbers - whatever you use in class. Then you just add the student to the groups they are in and wah-lah - you're read to award group points.

I especially love the group view because it has all the little monsters that belong in each group!

When you award a group all group members will pop up as you award them. You don't need to click on the students in the group, they are automatically selected. 

Award away! Give some positive feedback to your amazing group!

Now each person in the group has a point and it will show up in their individual total. Easy peasy Dojo squeezy. Thank you ClassDojo! I already love the new feature!

And of course you can use groups in the slick app too!


  1. Can the students see what group they are in?

    Does it tell them the name of the group when the point is awarded?

    I want to have separate groups for reading and math but the kiddos would need to be in two different groups. Is that an option?

    1. Those are great questions Elizabeth! Unfortunately I don't have the answers as I have been teaching as a special area teacher for the past couple of years and haven't used Class Dojo. I know they have a Facebook group, so that would be a great place to ask.


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