Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lunar Cycle T-shirts

Don't you hate it when you find something amazing, usually on Pinterest, and it's too late for that school year...and you have to wait a whole year to do it? That's what happened with these amazing Lunary Cycle T-shirts from I first saw them last year and knew we had to use these as part of our study of the Phases of the Moon. These t-shirts are only $5 each and come blank, ready for students to color in the phases with glow-in-the-dark fabric paint and add their own style to the rest.

So, this year I was ready! 4th quarter is my favorite because we study my two favorite topics in science (space) and social studies (the American Revolution). To learn about the Moon Phases we created Phases of the Moon Wheels that we put in our interactive science notebooks, stuck our heads through our moon board model, listened to the Phases of the Moon songs from Songs of Higher Learning, and some watched some Bill Nye the Science Guy. 

Then it was time to get crafty! The students colored in a rough draft and then we clipped our shirts to white boards, used sharpies to shade and label the phases, and then got creative with the fabric paints. 

Last week we took the entire 5th grade to the Science Center and Planetarium and we all wore our amazing pieces of science art! Our kids had a great time exploring the different areas of the science center and we were treated to a Tour of the Solar System in the Planetarium.

We got a lot of great photos of my kids in action, but unfortunately the photos didn't really show off their shirts.

I didn't have a chance to finish my Lunar Cycle shirt, but wanted another occasion to wear my "Back in my day, we had NINE planets" shirt that I picked up from SnorgTees that I had ordered just for our study of space. 

I'm still smiling - and this is after the field trip - maybe because I survived! is a bonus video of one of my girls being hilarious on the bus ride back to school.

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