Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vocabulary Cootie Catcher

My new {awesome} teammate showed me a simple yet wonderful idea today - make cootie catchers (aka fortune tellers) for vocabulary. Now, I know that these fun and sometimes pesky little paper creations can be overdone and can sometimes get out of hand, but I honestly haven't made one of these since I taught 3rd grade (over eight years ago!). I couldn't get this super idea out of my head, and since I came home to some nice news, I figured this was just the thing.

The news isn't anything big, but for me it kind of is. Today I reached a small, but personal, TpT milestone. I'm nowhere near being a top seller (and I'm totally cool with that!), but the few bucks I've made has certainly far exceeded my expectations from when I started. I'm blown away and amazed by everything TpT and I absolutely love creating and sharing my ideas. Plus, I've grown and become better at what I do both as a teacher and teacher author. I've also found some GREAT teacher authors who have been so kind to share their creations and I love being able to by quality goodies from them. To celebrate and thank my awesome followers I was going to make one of my paid items a freebie for a short time, but since my co-worker showed me this cootie catcher a few hours ago i figured this would make a perfect (and permanent) freebie.

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  1. That's awesome. I'm always looking for new vocab ideas.


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