Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Sunday Sale!

Is there some big sports event this weekend? I'm definitely not a football fan, so it's great that I have something else to look forward to tomorrow... the TpT Super Sunday Sale! Get a whopping 28% off all items in my, and many other amazing stores. Just remember to use code SUPER when you checkout.

Need some suggestions on what to checkout from my store? Here are my top sellers, which are also favorites in my classroom!

Read and Respond! Students choose what to read and are guided through thoughtful, daily responses. My kiddos do this Monday - Thursday for their daily homework. 

Calendar Math! Simplified worksheets that can be used over and over, but change everyday with the date. I use mine as a math station and keep them in sheet protectors so that they can be used over and over with dry erase markers. My intervention math class is starting to feel more confident with skills they have previously learned but had not mastered. 

American Revolution Lapbook/Interactive Notebook! This is an item that I created over the summer when I was moving from 6th to 5th. I love teaching this topic and had just started getting into lapbooks, interactive notebooks, and foldables. This has been my best seller this quarter, I'm guessing there are a lot of us teaching it soon! The foldables are all ready for students and I include a checklist and rubric for grading. 

Happy shopping, and go team _____ !

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